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30 Minutes with Pacha Light – Go Fish, Gamma, Sea Trees, and growing up in Ecuadorian Cloud Forest

Pacha Light is an environmentalist whose mother is also an environmentalist.

She was born in a cloud forrest in Ecuador and moved to Australia where she began surfing, at around nine years of age, mostly inspired by a competitive urge to become better than her brother at ‘standing on a boogie board’.

Pacha talks Go Fish, Gamma, Sea Trees and more from her home in New South Wales. Press to watch.

Today her favorite boards are the Gamma and the Go Fish. And last month she took both of them to the Papua region of Indonesia to plant Mangrove trees; ironically, the same type of trees that brought her parents together 19 hears ago. 

Her Mom and Dad met each other on World Mangrove Day, in Pacha’s birth country. 

Now Pacha is joining you, while you do yoga or wash the dishes or walk around the house, or whatever it is that you’re doing to pass time in isolation, in need of conversation to fill the background.

It’s on YouTube here.

Pacha planting Mangrove Trees in the Papua region of Indonesia.

Heard of Sea Trees?

We use Sea Trees each year to wipe our carbon footprint, but you can use it to simply plant Mangrove Trees. 

Mangroves have carbon sequestering superpowers and they’re also an integral part of fish breeding cycles. They protect coastline and create economies for indigenous populations. 

Michael Stewart plants Sea Trees with Pacha Light.

You can plant ten Mangrove trees in the Papua region for just ten American Dollars by pressing here.

You can explore more about the Sea Trees program and how it impacts everything from kelp forests to coastal rain Forrests by pressing here.

Press here to plant Mangrove Trees.

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